Jet Import is one of the largest distributors in the Benelux of premium beverages and healthy snacks, such as Red Bull, Fever-Tree, Desperados, Douwe Egberts Ice Coffee, Copperhead Gin, Vit-Hit and Fulfil. And our West Flemish company continues to grow, both in turnover and in brands in the portfolio. Today Jet Import has grown into a full-fledged company with more than 110 motivated employees and relies on a strong network of suppliers committed to providing the best service they can, each and every day. Jet Import has acquired a leading position in the retail, petrol station and catering & hospitality industries. With an annual turnover of more than 150 million euros and an annual double digit growth, we remain a company in full expansion mode. Innovation, quality, profitability, passion and drive are the core values that define our ambition.

Jet Import's DNA

A unique dynamic

The enthusiasm of our teams is infectious. Add to that an incredible drive and passion for our brands and you have a unique dynamic at Jet Import. Our customers come first and we move bridges to give them a great experience.

Progressive and profitable

Every year we expand with new, progressive, profitable and bold brands. We don't wait until a new hype or trend has been installed in the market, we prefer to set the trend ourselves.


In addition to a range of quality products, we also want to offer quality every day in the way of working together with our customers and partners. This is an absolute precondition for long-term success for us.


Together we can meet any challenge! More than 110 motivated employees give the best of themselves every day and help and support each other across the departments. Collegiality is an asset and everyone, yes everyone, plays a crucial role in our company.

Our vacancies

Welcome to our vacancy page! We thank you for your interest in Jet Import! However, in view of the current situation with regard to the Coronavirus, we are forced to place all our vacancies on hold at the moment until further notice. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and hope for your understanding. As soon as there are new possibilities, the vacancies will be immediately shared on this page, via our partner sites and social media. Would you like to share your CV already now and have it included in our CV reserve? You can do this by spontaneously applying here. Hopefully see you soon and stay safe! Winged greetings, HR Team Jet Import